Astral World

The Astral World (アストラル世界 Asutoraru Sekai) is a world currently governed by Eliphas in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. It also the dimension where Astral was born. It was one of the there world involved in the Different-Dimension War along with Barian World.


Long ago, the Astral World and its nemesis Barian World were once a lone world with the power of Chaos still existing. When the denizens of the endangered world believed that they can “Rank-Up” in spiritual way by giving up Chaos. With that, denizens of this lone world with chaos in their soul were exiled which by then creating the “Barian World” for souls with chaos in them.

Astral World from then on became a clean world with no evil existing only a place where Rank-Up exists. Like Barian World, It is made of various powerful energies with light blue scheme shade by purple and dark blue. With that, Eliphas was created as the worlds will for Rank-Up.


Astral facing Don Thousand.

Astral battled against Don Thousand in the far sky of Earth long ago. The lasted for hundreds of days causing chaos on Earth such as Rains of fire pouring down on the grounds as lightning ripped through the very Earth. Finally, two collided and Astral emerged as the winner. He then seals Don into the Sea of Ill Intent in the Barian World as a prisoner. During the final battle, a shard of Don's malice got stuck inside of Astral creating "Number 96: Dark Mist".

Known AstralEdit