The Barian World

Barian World is a world of energy created with the purpose of housing the souls who had the power of Chaos. It is distantly hostile the Astral World, who’s at war with in the Different-Dimension War. According to Dumon, the Barian World will despair if they don’t acquire the Numbers faster and destroy Astral World.


Long ago, the Barian World was once a fragment of the Astral World as lone world with the power of Chaos existing in there world. When the denizens of the endangered world believed that they can “Rank-up” in spiritual way by giving up Chaos.
Inside view of Barian world


With that, denziens of this lone world with chaos in their soul were exiled which by then creating the “Barian World” for souls with chaos in them. The Barian World appears as a world made of numerous powerful energies that analogous to Astral World. It has a dimmer color scheme with black sphere at the center, has no physical world and occupies many crystals which used to construct many buildings.

The Barian deity battle against Astral

Eons ago, Don Thousand fought against Astral which went on hundreds of days and almost destroyed Earth. Throughout this battle, Don implanted in Astral a fragment of his malice, eventually born as a "Number", Dark Mist. Eventually, the two collided and Astral became victorious sealing Don in the Sea of Ill Intent as captive.