Hard Knox
Season Barian Saga, Episode 76
Vital statistics
Rōmaji Yokare to Omotte Tadaima Sanjō! Shingetsu Rei to Mōshimasu
Japanese translation I'm Here, Thinking for the Best! My Name Is Rei Shingetsu
Airdate October 21, 2012
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Previous Attack of the Barians: Part 2
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Hard Knoz (Japanese version: I'm Here, Thinking for the Best! My Name Is Rei Shingetsu) is the seventy-six episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime.


On his way to school, Yuma Tsukumo encounters an overly-positive, well-meaning transfer student named Ray Shadows and ends up getting dragged around by him. Meanwhile, a pro duelist named Devon Knox visits the school to have duels with the students. When Yuma expresses his interest in dueling him, Ray takes it upon himself to try and find Devon and convince him to duel. However, Devon is possessed by Girag and violently duels against Ray to get Yuma's attention. Yuma begins a duel with him and summons out Number 34: Terror-Byte whilst Devon summons out his ace monster, Giantrainer. After using its effect damaging abilities, one of which backfires against him, Devon uses Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force on Giantrainer to upgrade it into the Chaos Xyz Ultimatrainer, using its ability to test Yuma's drawing luck. Yuma manages to survive the effect and use the monster cards he was forced to discard against Devon before bringing out Utopia Ray and winning the duel, freeing Devon from the Barians' control.