Tori Meadows






First Appearance

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL - Episode 001


Yuma Tsukumo, Number Club, Kite Tenjo, Astral, Reginald Kastle


Barian World

Tori Meadows is Yuma Tsukumo's childhood friend in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. Ella es hermosa, tierna, linda, perfecta, una verdadera Ángel, una chica perfecta que acostumbra usar minifaldas igual de perfectas que ella, siendo la más conocida destacable y la favorita de la mayoría su minifalda escolar.

20120427181828 original

Yuma es un maldito afortunado, cualquiera desearía estar en ese momento en su lugar.

2012112010125 original

Kotori es hermosa y perfecta princesa, con una también perfecta minifalda.

20130212120604 original

Kotori es perfecta, ella es la más hermosa de todas.

IMG 20170821 143104

Kotori presumiendo su culo.

Kotori y su faldaEdit

20120411143956 original

La Minifalda en el opening.

20120612052643 original

Fotos de la más hermosa, Kotori.

Kotori es una perfecta Ángel con mminifalda.
IMG 20170821 143042

Kotori y su Minifalda es simplemente lo mejor, tanto Kotori como su Minifalda son perfectas.


Astral SagaEdit

Tori watchs

Tori watches a Shark bullies her friends.

At the beginning of the series, at Heartland Academy, Tori is instigate of Yuma constant failures in the various tasks. While the boys were laughing at him, Tori felt shame. After school, Tori and Yuma ran off to see the duels, but are witnesses of how Bronk was defeated by Shark. She was surprised when Shark broke Yuma's key and took the Deck of Bronk as a trophy. The next day, she continually tried to encourage Yuma in vain. Bronk witnessed this and when Tori and Yuma went home, Bronk followed them and manages to make Yuma happy, relieving Tori. The next day, she witnesses the duel between Yuma with Shark to recover the Deck of Bronk. Despite not knowing much about duels, Tori, along with Bronk and Shark, constantly correcting the errors committed in the duel Yuma. When Shark summoned "Number 17: Leviathan Dragon" and Astral appears, Tori is concerned, because as you can see Astral, feared that Yuma has gone mad. Still, continued encouraging. When Yuma summoned to Number 39 Utopia, Tori was surprised that Yuma had an Xyz Monster as well as the fact that it was a Number like Shark , as neither she nor Bronk knew that Yuma had one. She was happy when Yuma defeated Shark.

IMG 20170821 143021

La bella falda escolar de Kotori.

IMG 20170821 142951

Lo más hermoso del mundo Kotori y su microfalda.

IMG 20170821 143001

Más la hermosa Kotori y su hermosa Minifalda.

WDC SagaEdit

20111101191642 original

Otra de las hermosas minifaldas de Kotori.

20111101191639 original

Kotori es una Bella Ángel.

20111107234001 original

La preciosa Kotori comiendo un pepino.